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Web 3.0?

The internet has become life, yes to some more than others. It has opened a world that has never-ending advances providing tech solutions to our everyday lives. The way we communicate and connect with people around the world never stops amazing me.

Most internet users don't even know the existence of different web types: 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. These have appeared over time and have allowed us to communicate, purchase, and interact on various platforms.

“When Web 1.0 appeared, this was at the time an innovative tool that gained great importance in the world. But little by little with the sustained growth of those who used it, the limitations contemplated by it began to appear.”

“This situation led to significant work on its expansion, and this is how Web 2.0 appears. This is the current version of the website that we use, and its main advance is the high capacity for dynamic interaction. But, although it is broad in its functionality, the time is coming to take it beyond what we know today.”

The 3.0 web vision:

“…a network where data access and processing would have no comparison with anything seen before. Thus, concepts such as Big Data, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence applied to the Web were envisioned. But the best, a standardized Web that even today is far from being a reality, although we are much better than 20 years ago.”

Bitcoin and web 3.0? The creation of bitcoin and its blockchain technology, besides revolutionizing the way money works, has also meant a significant step for the internet because decentralization was born and with-it endless possibilities of web development.

From the graphics and the different tools, developers are given with web 3.0 allow such things as google earth, being able to have a 3d experience. Technology is pushing towards decentralized business models, and Ethereum with its ecosystem where DApps (decentralized applications), have shown us the power of smart contracts. Webs will no longer depend on one server, but they will run on multiple servers.

Web 3.0 has only just begun, and we have seen a glimpse of the power of DApps, but most likely, the entire web universe will, at some point, move towards this technology. As simple web users, we won't know or maybe even understand what happens behind the scene of development. Still, we will notice a superior level of access to information and interaction and be amazed by the level of technology that we will use in the future.

By: Carolina Pérez

Twitter @carolinaninap

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