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Pandora’s Wallet – A Wallet for Crypto Traders

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Being a trader does not mean you will become rich in the blink of an eye; it is harder than people think. All markets have their strategy, and crypto is also one of them. There are so many coins available to do trading that, at times, it can become overwhelming to keep track of everything you have and where you have it. Many trade in this 24-hour market not only on one exchange but on several, and most keep their crypto on exchanges.

How else could you be a trader and not keep your money on exchanges? Sure, you can have some who hold crypto on a digital wallet that hopefully supports every coin you own. Nonetheless, all your other coins must be on these exchanges to trade successfully. Is this something to worry about? Yes, it is. Although we don’t see crypto exchanges being hacked every month or so, it is still something that has happened, and many have lost plenty of money because of it. Keeping your money on someone else's platform as custodial is something risky. Nowadays, traders are mostly keeping their money on these centralized exchanges and trading on a daily basis.

There has to be a more secure way to be a trader and simplify your daily investments. Those who are probably reading my blog also know who is DavinciJ15. Those who don’t, he is a senior software developer and crypto trader since 2011, he has experienced first hand the struggles there are when it comes to trading in this 24-hour market. Davinci, as a programmer himself, initially wanted to create a software solution for this and decided to develop Pandora’s Wallet. Soon he realized the wallet would be something that people within the crypto community would find handy.

Pandora's Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency virtual wallet, which allows a new way of managing cryptocurrencies. You can manage your different coins, sell and buy, all on the same platform. The wallet desktop program will enable you to connect to various exchanges and trade within the wallet. Currently, Pandora's Wallet supports Bittrex, Poloniex, and Bitfinex exchanges.

Luis Valles Pandora’s Wallet developer, “Having assets on an exchange wallet means that your money is stored by a third party (the exchange) and it is exposed to being lost by them. This can be solved by using a personal wallet where only you can access your funds through your personal secret keys. Pandora's Wallet achieves this by using key encryption at different levels and keeping all your personal encrypted data locally stored at your computer. Also, by using your recovery passphrase and/or your wallet backup file, you can be sure that your money is safe and recoverable.”

One of the benefits of this digital wallet, is when you subscribe, you are not only subscribing to a digital wallet, but also subscribing to a wallet that is in constant development. Creating a community is very important for us, Davinci is very active on Youtube where he tries his best to help, newbies, traders on various crypto and economic topics. Recently we created a private Telegram group that can be accessed if you have a Pandora's Wallet paid subscription. The Telegram group is answered by members of the Davinci Codes team and Davinci himself. Davinci shares exclusive knowledge, personal trades, and does live videos for his members; the group creates community within the members where they all share their thoughts, struggles, and tips.

Unlike other platforms, Pandora's Wallet platform does not limit the amount or frequency of trade orders that you want to execute with exchange entities. This is extremely important since those who are engaged in trade, although they can make trades with low amounts and, at the same time, very high ones.

Davinci recently uploaded a video on his Youtube channel, "I See Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Confiscation Coming!", in this video, Davinci shares his thoughts on a possible financial confiscation, that can be done by financial institutions purchasing large amounts of crypto. He firmly believes people have to take their crypto off exchanges now more than ever. He may be right or not, but he also gave notice to everyone that he will be sharing fewer videos for a while and focus on Pandora's Wallet development to protect his wealth.

You can choose or not to believe, or use Pandora's Wallet; at the end of the day, it's your responsibility to research and look for what suits you best when protecting your wealth.

You can also subscribe and receive a 30-day free trial and try out the wallet!

By: Carolina Pérez

Twitter: @carolinaninap

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