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“Looking for a Chilean Crypto Exchange”

Recently my boss and I were trying to find a specific crypto exchange and we both tried googling it; soon we realized it was not simple to find. Matter of fact it´s hard to tell how many exchanges there are in Chile. I came across several names, names have changed; like Buda, others have closed down ever since Chilean banks shut down many crypto exchange company accounts earlier this year.

There weren't many articles on Chilean exchanges. Most were focused on the drama with banks this year. The most recurrent names were no doubt Buda and CryptoMKT.

I found an interesting article posted on 2017 from Criptonoticias, were they gather down where to buy and sell crypto, once I began reading I realized there was some updating to this.

According to Criptonoticias, “One of the main Bitcoin markets in Chile, founded in 2014, is Chilebit, which offers simple operations to perform and speeds up thanks to its open source negotiation algorithms".

Another pioneer in this market is the exchange named SurBTC later changed its name to Buda, one of the first ones to reach out to other coins like Ether. When I read a while back that the exchange had changed its name, at first I thought there was something weird about that; maybe even trying to hide something. There was nothing to hide; on their website, they share the story on why. It's pretty simple; they were expanding their market to other cryptos not only Bitcoin, not to mention the fact that they would get mixed up with other known exchanges. Finally, they came across the name BUDA, and it stands for Blockchain Universal Digital Assets.

CryptoMKT, is also a well-known exchange, " CryptoMarket aims to promote financial inclusion through Blockchain technology and we seek to be the largest digital banking in the Latin American region". I believe its an exchange worth to look at; they have interesting new projects besides just being an exchange.

Yaykuy another of the exchanges mentioned by Criptonoticias, unfortunately, once I went to their site, it was shut down. This is the message given by Yaykuy exchange, “Due to the closure of our account in Banco Estado, we want to inform our distinguished users that we have stopped our operation. The exact time that we will be out of operation is uncertain because, although this is not the first time that we close an account, it is the first time that is done at the industry level. We hope to meet you again, but if it is not, we would like to thank you for trusting in our service for all these years.”

Chilebitcoin, “The company guarantees data and funds security, decentralized commerce and transparent transactions thanks to legal stability guaranteed by encrypted connections and purchases under tax law.” According to their site, they have been in business since 2011, I'm still not sure if the name of the exchange is Chilebitcoin or Octopus: Crypto Market Future as stated on the site. I found was very interesting “one of the most extensive peer-to-peer platforms in the world, with users from all over the globe and in very different locations, with more than 248 affiliated countries and some 14,716 cities.” Currently in 16,493 cities.

Another, crypto exchange I came across is TradeBTC, unfortunately, on their site, they had the following message, "We inform you that TradeBTC closes its operations permanently. This decision is framed in a new context of uncertainty due to the closing of current accounts by commercial banks that took place in March of this year.”

Last but not least, Orionx I read in different places that this exchange had temporarily closed because of the cancelation of their bank account. I visited their site, and they are still functioning and working in different countries as well.

Hoped you enjoyed it and that it might have been helpful especially because there is not that much information all gathered up online.

Feel free to comment or share information.

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