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In a previous blog, I mentioned how shocked I was when I saw a news article about, Chilean crypto exchange CyptoMKT who posted on their webpage they had partnered with a Chilean online payment company named Flow. The alliance would allow people to have the option to pay services and goods using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar Lumens (XLM).Flow created a web page named Cryptocompra where businesses can quickly sign up and integrate a payment button in cryptocurrencies in e-commerce platforms using plugins. Companies can choose to be paid in crypto or Chilean pesos.

My boss mentioned this week we should look for more events andmeetups that are hosted in Chile. It took a while to find groups and events regarding this matter. I believe creating a community is always important especially when it comes to a niche like crypto. People that are cryptoenthusiast, it’s essential to form or join the crypto community weather is reading in certain sites, posting about it or participating in events and meetups. It would be great to find people that are just like me trying to understand crypto and blockchain, among different topics within this crypto world.

This past August 30th, CryptoMKT hosted an event at a known bar, in Santiago, to launched their new platform Cryptocompra. Not many sites offered this information at least not the ones I follow and unfortunately, we didn’t attend. According to CyptoMKT, “The day of the event, besides being able to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar cryptocurrencies, there will be surprises, new things, and fun. Attendees will have exclusive access to the party, special drinks for the event, exclusive discounts when paying with cryptocurrencies and access to the first Bitcoin ATM in Chile. Also, they can share with the team of experts of CryptoMarket and the NGO Bitcoin Chile, who will be there to solve the doubts and much more”.

I recently downloaded an app named Meetup. This app allows you to create networks and meet new people with same interests around the world. Thus, I began to follow some crypto groups in Chile. Hopefully, we won't miss another event.

According to Medium, “There’s another important aspect of crypto networks: The participants, primarily the large influencers, will educate new community members. Unlike traditional industries, where best practices have already emerged, cryptocurrencies are new. We are still developing best practices for crypto investors, developers, and community members”. I believe this an important topic, especially with crypto. This relatively new technology has gained popularity, but many subjects regarding this matter are not easy to find information nor understand it. Crypto and its blockchaintechnology have come to revolutionize everything, and I believe there should be mutual interest from those who know a lot about crypto and those who are newcomers. People who know more about this technology should make an effort into teaching people about it because all the information on the internet can be overwhelming. On the other hand, there also has to be an effort made from those who are not familiar with this subject and take the first step into reaching out to different crypto communities.

Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment.

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