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DJ15 Token

Ethereum and its ecosystem opened up a vast amount of new ideas and developments that can be impulse economically by creating tokens. DavinciJ15 took it upon himself to create his very own DJ15 Token.

The DJ15 Token was created by Software developer and crypto Youtuber Davinci Jeremie; launched on August 16th, 2020, and announced on Twitter the same day (twitter picture).

The idea behind the creation of the DJ15 Token was to fundraise for the DavinciJ15 YouTube channel, improving the content and video quality presented to its YouTube subscribers. Davinci created his YouTube channel in 2007 and has been sharing his economic knowledge and opinion since then. Later in 2011 began speaking about Bitcoin and how amazed he was by reading the white paper on the digital currency. Since then, Davinci has taken it upon himself to spread his knowledge on bitcoin and share his experience and analyze the markets. His followers have grown significantly over the years, reaching 116k.

YouTube has provided a platform where people can develop content much needed because they are still in its early stages, such as cryptocurrencies.

More about the DJ15 Token:

2.1 million coins were originally produced; however, we are committed to selling only thirty thousand tokens. We will be reducing the total amount available for use to 240,000 tokens, burning the remaining amount. The DJ15 Token can be purchased on Unisawp, and it can be stored on Pandora's Wallet, Metamask, among others, or on any hardware wallet.

Business model:

12.5% of all media revenue generated will be used to purchase tokens that will later be burnt; thus, creating scarcity and possibly increasing the Token value.

DavinciJ15 a few months ago promised a DJ15 token giveaway to his Pandora's Wallet subscribers, another of his developments. In this past giveaway, he announced he would be distributing 10% of the total of subscriptions purchased until September 30th, 2020. The total percentage amount would be used to buy DJ15 Tokens.

The first round of DJ15 token giveaway has already taken place, and the second round of giveaways will be distributed no later than this month.

So, stay tuned to his social media for more surprises throughout the year!

Want to know more about the DJ15 Token?

By: Carolina Pérez

Twitter: @carolinaninap

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