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Cryptopulco 2019

I've always had the idea that people that were pro cryptocurrency had tendencies towards a more liberal side. Maybe because I've read many times that crypto is a revolution that goes against third-party regulations; such as government and bank entities. I've met people in the crypto community very diverse in terms of political tendencies and beliefs.

Last week Davinci Jeremie (Davincij15) and some Davinci Codes employees attended an event named Anarchapulco. This was their fifth annual event “Life Unchained” that is always held in Acapulco Mexico. I'm sure I’m not the only one who thinks it's weird going to Acapulco for an event. Davinci heard about this event a couple of years ago and had been wanting to attend; mainly because of the crypto movement.

According to their website:

“We are pushing boundaries that have never been pushed before to support attendees in breaking free of the chains that bind them. We are helping shift the world towards more and more freedom and enabling our community to become active voices and advocates in this movement. This is a huge responsibility and an enormous undertaking that we would appreciate everyone in our community understanding.” At first, I did not know what to expect in Acapulco, I had read some uncomforting news related to the place, but I must say overall our particular experience was great; the event, the hotel, the beach, the food and most of all the people we were able to meet. We took the liberty to have a meet up with people at Anarchapulco that followed Davincij15 on youtube. We shared with great people our new multi cryptocurrency wallet; Pandora´s Wallet and talked about cryptocurrency.

According to News.bitcoin, “During previous Anarchapulco events, the pro-freedom and liberty event dedicated a whole day to blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency solutions, but this year all four days will have a devoted focus on digital currencies.” I had the opportunity to attended this year, and I must say the event was much more than I initially thought. Speakers were addressing not only cryptocurrency but various topics such as health, politics, economy, and wellness. Cryptocurrency had a special name on this event called Cryptopulco; an area on the resort where the crypto community was mostly seen. There was an entire auditorium dedicate towards the movement for four days; including workshops and different startups promoting their crypto services.

Supporting crypto and the elimination of third party interference means that everyone is more inclined to a specific political tendency?

Sure at first it may seem this way, but you don’t have to be anti-government to be involved with cryptocurrencies.

“Indeed, many early adopters were drawn to bitcoin’s revolutionary potential and there has long been a close association between libertarianism and cryptocurrency.”

Data provided by CoinDesk:

Coindesk, “the people who were involved in crypto from the beginning were mostly leaning towards anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism, however that changed last year when the hype around Bitcoin and the entire crypto market attracted many other people with different backgrounds”. 

Whether you are left or right the truth is cryptocurrency fits more than one profile, and it should not be stigmatized as something used by one group specifically.

If you are interested in a more liberal movement and crypto you sure want to check out Anarchapulco next year!

Jeff Berwick, founder of The Dollar Vigilante:

“For the last three years, we dedicated one day of Anarchapulco to cryptocurrencies, called Cryptopulco. This year, for the first time ever, we are running Cryptopulco for all four days on its own dedicated stage — This is because we believe cryptocurrencies are a key factor to getting to a free world.”

Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment!

Twitter: @carolinaninap

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