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Crypto: Trading Concerns

We recently reached out to our Pandora's Wallet members, seeking testimonials. More than just seeking a good review, we wanted feedback from our client’s overall experience with our wallet and its telegram group community. In the crypto trading world, it can become overwhelming to keep track of every coin you have invested in, and storing it also becomes challenging. Traders keep their crypto on exchanges and trade on 24-hour markets, let’s be honest most don’t bother storing their crypto on digital wallets or cold storage. Do you think its because they are stubborn and refuse to listen to various warning not to keep your crypto on exchanges? I believe it can be that, but it also has to do with the fact that if you are trading bitcoin and altcoins, you are doing this daily, thus you need to have your crypto on an exchange in order to trade. So how can you store the money that your trading? You would have to be moving your crypto around constantly, and that makes no sense, it would be draining and not practical.

One of the recent testimonials we received relates to precisely this.

Nathan - Pandora's Wallet Group Member

“As a Crypto trader and user for the past few years, something that has always concerned me – security and trust, hence the mantra we hear all the time of "not your keys, not your bitcoin." So, when we hear that, we buy our hardware wallet and store it away and feel safe; ok-good. But then you want to buy, sell, trade, and accumulate so you bring out your hardware wallet that is supposed to be this tool that you seldom use and keep hidden and then proceed to transfer back and forth to exchanges. This has always felt like I wasn't using the tool properly and not in as much control as I could be. So, when I saw that Davinci was working on something that starts to address this issue, I was pretty stoked. He is solving a problem and found a way to integrate with the markets while still keeping your crypto in a secure place. I wasn't sure how the wallet worked at first, but as I learned more, asked questions, and found out you keep the private keys and can integrate your trading API with the wallet, I started to see the light. Now I can keep some crypto tucked away on my long-term hardware wallet, and at the same time, store crypto for the day to day trading in a secure way. I trust Davinci and his product, but since you are in control of your keys, you don't need to trust him. We are in crypto for our financial freedom, and Pandora's Wallet has given us a beast of a utility to add to our quiver. The best part is every question I've had so far over the last three months I have asked in the private telegram group, Davinci has responded to every question clearly and helpfully either on video or in the chat. This is unheard of in the tech world, developers are either trying to push their product by marketing, and you get a 'commercial' response or are too busy to get back to you at all. Davinci is a humble dude that truly wants to help us all and make sure we are on the best path to financial freedom. Thanks, DavinciJ15!”

There is much more development to do in Pandora's Wallet. The beauty of it is you are subscribing to a project that will continuously be in progress with new features and keeping up to date with the never-ending crypto universe.

In a relatively new environment such as crypto where we have newbies all the time, it's essential to create a community. That's what Davinci and the team are trying to do with the Pandora's Wallet telegram group.

If you haven't given it a try, sign up and get your 30-day trial, and if you like it, purchase a subscription, and you will be able to access the Pandora's Telegram Group!

By: Carolina Pérez

Twitter: @carolinaninap

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