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Crypto Predictions?

As you start googling about crypto, you will quickly find predictions on its value; advising people when to sell or buy, others predicting all sorts of crazy things.

The speculations on the price of cryptocurrencies win by far; also known as speculating on the bear market or bull market. Both terms refer to the manner of hunting of these animals; bear and bull.

“It is named for the way in which a bear attacks its prey — swiping its paws downward. This is why markets with falling stock prices are called bear markets. Just like the bear market, the bull market is named after the way in which the bull attacks by thrusting its horns up into the air.”

Top influencers on the crypto community are constantly sharing predictions on bull or bear markets based on their analysis or tendencies in the market.

While predictions in cryptocurrencies are praised by all, we must be cautious with them as well; while some have been right, there have been some completely absurd. Yes, people are entitled to express an opinion and speculate about the market, but this can also cause people to believe enough to follow an error prediction. Undoubtedly, I think there must be caution on both sides, from those who provide predictions and those who support them; in the end, it is every individual responsibility the decisions made and whom they listen to or not.

Crazy predictions:

I was told last week a Reddit user Luka Magnotta; who allegedly time traveled from 2025 to predict many things about the future of Bitcoin (BTC). Magnotta's Reddit account is no longer available; I googled his name, and it turns out there is a Luka Magnotta; convicted of killing and dismembering Lin Jun, a Chinese international student; disturbing information.

Original Reddit Post

On the other hand, Luka_Magnotta the time traveler:

“Five years ago, Reddit user Luka Magnotta, who called himself a visitor from 2025, predicted Bitcoin’s price for each year from 2010 to 2021. He has been pretty much right so far, giving the correct forecasts for 2015, 2016, 2017, skipping 2018 somehow, probably wishing not to upset BTC holders back in 2013.”

His forecast for 2019?

“For 2019, this person confidently names the Bitcoin price to be $100,000.”

Not only does he talk about Bitcoin's price; he also warns about its future and impact on the financial system. "The man describes the post-apocalyptic world which has massive BTC holders living in ‘citadels’ and the rest of the global population, where the average person holds approximately 0.001 BTC.” He also warns about the killing of early adopters who have a large sum of BTC in 2025, but it doesn't end there the Reddit comment he also begs the world to destroy Bitcoin to save the future and avoid sharing the fate of his world.

Whether or not you believe in something like this; I have to admit his post was very well done, at times felt like a top production movie. Although some may think his post is absurd; it does make me wonder about the effects crypto may have on our financial system and if it can result in chaos.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the 2025 Time Traveler!

Twitter: @carolinaninap

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