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BTC: “Thoughts on Transition Phases”

Updated: May 28, 2020

I know a lot of people have trouble thinking bitcoin can become an alternative currency used by everyone and dethrone fiat cash used today.

I believe humans can adapt to different circumstances through life and sooner or later adapt to new ways of living. Sure we don't all have the same capacity to confront new scenarios in life, but that's merely a transition phase whose time can vary.

We all saw how quickly we have changed with technology. From having dialup internet to google and beepers to the iPhone, we can find this pattern in everything we do or own today. News and better ways to connect with people, the manufacture of products, among others.

When we are forced into change, we begin to realize how important it is to be prepared or merely understanding that things can work differently. Ever since we were reached with the COVID-19 virus, company’s have had to figure out a way to keep on working, because let's face it, we can't stop producing. Sure there are many working environments where this does not apply because they work in the hospitality industry; therefore, they need that contact with people. It has become impossible for them to keep on working with the current circumstances we are facing, where most countries have a mandatory quarantine. Many other companies have had to apply a remote working.

Although this concept is not entirely new to me because I work in a tech company and numerous times, we have had different co-workers or myself working from home because we were unable to work at the office. This concept of remotely working is known by many, but there is a large number of companies that have never applied this working method; feeling they were not able to do this from home. The virus caught all these companies by surprise, and many were unprepared to face this new working environment and have had to improvise and generate solutions and make things run as smoothly as possible.

My mother works in a small law firm that works in a very old school way—considering how the majority of law firms still rely on signed documents and legalized documents, all the bureaucracy that a law firm implicates. Her job became a bit more tricky to try and solve. Tricky but not impossible. They have slowly been implementing new tech solutions to keep on working remotely. Imagen if they applied basic smart contract solutions?

There are many things we can consider, first is the fact that many companies realized that they could productively work from home. Others, I'm sure once things go back to normal, will eventually talk about protocols on remotely working, creating a platform for their workers. Being exposed to extreme circumstances show that we can all adapt to new things. Why not change to Bitcoin? I think we are on our way. Relying on banks being opened or having enough cash and not to mention everyone's predictions on this new great depression we are going into; trusting USD as a power currency seems unreliable, especially now that it is excessively being printed.

Bitcoin, however, seems like a good way to go.

By: Carolina Pérez

Twitter: @carolinaninap

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