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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallet

First Draft

On March 1, 2019, the first version of Pandora's Wallet was released, launching a cryptocurrency wallet to remove coins from exchanges to decrease the risk of losses while maintaining the ability to trade crypto tokens within the same platform. With governments requiring KYC, strict standards on token offerings, and exchanges delisting coins have made life difficult for the crypto community. Pandora's Wallet 2.0 is a new standard needed, so that KYC, draconian regulations, and lost crypto due to delisting or lost passwords will be a thing of the past.

Pandora's Wallet 2.0 (PW) will be a purely peer-to-peer version of a portable wallet that does not require a centralized third party to provide transactions and manage trade between cryptocurrencies. It also provides a decentralized key recovery system and Pandora's Wallet Token (PWT).

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