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About DaVinci

Meet our ideas, vision and technologies closer

What is Davinci Codes?

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Davinci Codes is a software company that develops solutions aimed towards improving the future of financial tech. We develop tools to help users interact with blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. We are passionate about the future of global finance and see these as a great improvement over many of our current existing solutions.

Pandora's Wallet


Because leaving money on currency exchanges is risky and most wallet services only offer a few types of wallets each, we are developing a wallet system that connects directly and automatically with exchanges to transfer the desired amount of each currency between your wallet and the exchange. Our system will support hundreds of different currencies making your trading experience much smoother without needing to remember the login credentials for each individual currency that you decide to trade.

Key features:

  • The growing list of supported wallets

  • Including wallets that are not in exchanges (yet or removed)

  • Reduce errors of manually managing your transfers

  • One 12 word password to back all the wallets up

  • A massive wallet system with access to everything

  • Improved wallet security with two-factor authentication

  • Complete portfolio summary of all assets

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